Services Offered

These services can be delivered wherever the world might take me!

Web Services

Planning, Designing, Hosting

  • Web Hosting
  • DNS Management
  • Website Frameworking
  • Logo Design
  • Email Services
    • G Suite
    • Microsoft Outlook

Business Systems

Need hardware for your business?

  • Email Services
  • Electronic Payment Systems
  • Wireless Infrustrcture
  • File Servers
  • Server Diagnostics
  • Phone Systems

On Premises

Requiring Physical Access

  • $20/hr - $40/hr After Hours
  • Equipment Installations
  • Service Configurations
  • Anything requiring me to travel.

Have you lost data, money or customers because your servers were misconfigured?

Included in every server setup is a thorough risk assessment that details any potential vulnerabilities and potential threats and hardening your system against them whether it be physical or remote.

My Recent Work

Here are a few projects I have been apart of.

Want to see others? Email Me.

Farm Fresh Fundraising

Farm Fresh Fundraising

Tulare County, California

Pursuing for fresh foods, one valley mom wants to change the way school fundraisiers are run. Her mission? Promote healthy foods not in just schools, but rather for all good causes.


Intergration Services

My current project involves SMS to Email Gateways and integrating sms capabilities into FreePBX using FreePBX used to hold the key to SMS with their overpriced sipstation product, and more recently ClearlyIP has gotten SMS functionality. Wonder who will come next.

Custom Intergrations

Depending on your deployment, we may be able to offer custom intergration services. We understand not all services speak the same lanaguage and not all are that friendly. We speak machine or something idk....

G Suite

Questions, Comments or Concerns?

Request a callback or something idk....

You can also join my discord server if your into that.